Subjective Circus at Des Moines Social Club

This Saturday (May 15) we’ll be playing at the Des Moines Social Club‘s annual Subjective Circus. This is an actual circus, with live animals and fire dancing and sideshow attractions…and tons of music! The Circus gets started at noon and goes until 2 am. The event is just $15 (for 12 hours of entertainment!) and all the proceeds benefit the Des Moines Social Club. We’ll be playing at 11 pm and we’ve got some surprises in store…

Some great bands are playing, like Modern Day Satire, Blutiger Fluss and our soulmates Christopher the Conquered, who will be playing right after us.

Thanks to Dave Murphy for including us in this show! Mumford’s is a bit of a circus attraction, so we’re excited to be included. I guess we’re gonna have to bring the crazy.

Vinyl Cafe, New Record Store in Ames, Rules!

I strongly urge music and coffee lovers in Ames to check out the Vinyl Cafe in downtown. I just went there for the first time today and it far exceeded my expectations. The music selection is broad and diverse and well arranged. I bought records by the Beach Boys and Dolly Parton. Next time I go there I want to get “Darkness on the Edge of Town” by Bruce Springsteen. I hope no one else buys it before I make it back there!

Also, the coffee is excellent. Strong, dark, full of flavor. The atmosphere of the cafe is very nice, too. This is a place you could go to read, use the internet (they have free WiFi), conduct an interview or just hang out. In the short time I was there I ran into 8 different people that I know, so I have a feeling that this business will become a hang out for the music scene.

Ames has needed a record store for a long time and now we actually have one…and it’s badass! Let’s all support this place. A quality record store is essential to a dynamic music scene.

May 1st M-Shop Show Pictures

All these photos are thanks to John Grant.


Check out the new Sweat Power website that our Fairfield brothers Philip and Dominic set up:

That’s a nice looking site and there’s some great stuff on there. Sweat Power is an awesome new label, specializing in tapes right now. Our friends Maid Marian and Tall Too, from Ames, just released a split tape on Sweat Power. Mumford’s is releasing our upcoming record “Eyes” as a tape on that label as well! We love working with Philip and Dominic, they are so creative and energetic and lively. Together we are taking Iowa to the next level.

Sweat Power for life!

Progress on our new record!

We had a great session at the Spacement Studio on Monday (May 10). We worked on the song “Two-Eye” which is turning out pretty crazy sounding. Kai recorded his killer guitar part, James laid down some auxiliary percussion and then Chris came over and we enhanced the insane choir effect of the call-and-response vocals. That song is almost done!

Our next session is on Thursday and we’ll be finishing the horns: Donny will record his tenor sax and Paul will rock the trombone. We still have a few more sessions to go after that, but the end is in sight. Bryon, the badass proprietor of the Spacement Studio, is really digging the songs and says that he’s itching to get into the mixing process. We totally trust Bryon to make the songs sound their best!

We can’t wait to release this record in July and then go on tour with our best buds Utopia Park. The tour is coming together, we’ve got the first week of it booked and its looking pretty epic. America is gonna feel the IOWA, guaranteed.