Super fun session tonight…wanna sing/scream?

Tonight (Tuesday, June 15) we are having one of our final and most crazy recording sessions for the record. We getting a big group of folks together to do the sing-along parts on three of our songs. If you want to be a part of the Schizophrenic Birthday Party Chorus, come to Bryon Dudley’s house tonight at 10 pm. If you need the address, text Nate: 515.520.1600. It will be so fun!

Videos from the M-Shop Show!

Our good friends at have started posting their super high-quality videos from the May 1 show at M-Shop. They’ve already released the full Poison Control Center set (17 rocking songs!). We’re so lucky Griffle was there to catch this show!

Go to PCC’s tumblr to see all their videos and read their TOUR BLOG.

And check out Mumford’s videos on YouTube.

Also, Keepers of the Carpet has M-Shop videos too, check out “Trees“.

We’ll eventually get all the videos from that show onto this page, too. Thanks again to the great dudes at Griffle for their professionalism and legitmacy! They do a lot of great work, check them out.

We love videos! When we go on tour, we’re gonna make a bunch of videos, so stay tuned for that.

Live Video from M Shop May 1st

Recording Piano Songs…Upcoming Shows…

This week we will be recording the three piano-based songs on the upcoming record. We really wanted to use an acoustic piano and luckily our friend Tom Russell offered to let us use the grand piano in his wood-floored work room at his home. We set up our gear over there and did a rehearsal for the recording. The piano plays so nicely and sounds great and the acoustics in the room are excellent. We will be recording these songs live on Tuesday afternoon, this will be an exciting session!

Last week we recorded Paul’s bass trombone and Donny’s tenor sax. That REALLY beefed up the horns, it sounds big. We also finished some more vocal tracks. I still think we’re on track to finish in May, but its a race against time now!

There are some exciting shows coming up. The DG’s show with Strong Like Bear is gonna be a real rocker. The horn section will sit in with SLB, which will be super fun. We’ll also be playing a good sized set and will include some new ones in there as well as some overlooked older tunes.

Music, I salute you!

Down to Business: Finishing the Record

Well, we’ve three consecutive Saturdays of sweaty, dancey, lovey shows. Thanks to everyone who has made the month of May so much fun for us!

We have a little break in our show schedule now, so we’ll spend the last two weeks of May finishing up recording our new record. We are so excited for this. We’ll finish the horns on Monday, finish the vocals on Thursday (hopefully!) and then we’ll take Bryon’s mobile recording studio over to Tom Russell’s house and record three live tracks using his grand piano.

By the way, Tom Russell and Mary Jane Brotherson have been extraordinary allies throughout the whole process of making this album. Mumford’s loves them very, very much. Tom has allowed us to use a number of his excellent instruments for recording and he and Mary Jane have opened their home to us as a place to record and put on shows and feel at ease.

Thanks again to our friends who came to our last three shows and to the fucking awesome Iowa bands we had the pleasure to play with. We have plenty more shows coming up in June and July and then…TOUR!