We’ve got a steady stream of sweaty dreams coming up in the next few weeks and we’re working up a bunch of slammin new songs in preparation for rage!

First up, we are joining together with a supergroup of bands from our our label Maximum Ames Records for the Ames debut of a phenomenon that goes by the name of the MAXIMUM AMES ALL STARS! That’s right! We played at the Iowa State Fair this year and it ruled! Now we’re bringing the all-Iowa heat to DG’s on Thursday night, gonna rule!

Then we’re headed out on a weekend tour from Dec 29-31! Check out this slayfulness:

Dec 29 we are playing the great Chad Taylor’s (of Cityview) birthday party at The Gas Lamp alongside Christopher the Conquered, The White Elephant & more, this is gonna be nuts, we’re bringin it for Chad!

Then on Dec 30 we are headed to our second home of Fairfield for an outrageous night of sweat, love and raw human emotion! We are playing with some of our all time heroes: Mr. Nasti, Little Ruckus and Philip Always! Brotherhood of the Travelling Dance!!!!

And then, you know what’s next, it’s the annual tradition of shredding Ames to pieces known as NEW YEAR’S EVE THROWDOWN @ DG’S TAP HOUSE! This is our third year of rocking DG’s on NYE and it has become a tradition of unstoppable power. Ames is gonna show 2013 who’s BOSS! This lineup is NUTS: Dead Larry, Utopia Park, Trouble Lights, Doctor Murdock! Plus, our set is gonna feature amazing special guests including the Iowa School of Burlesque, Slaydrien and Little Ruckus! PREPARE!!!!



We have been having the best, most successful, most indescribably glorious time of our LIVES for the past few weeks with our Japanese brothers The Depaysement! Every single night has been filled with brilliant moments of love, family, friendship, bodily fluids and magic!

There’s really no way to say in words what we’ve been experiencing so here are a few pics to give a tiny little glimpse into the otherworldly beauty we’ve been feeling every day! AMERICA RULES!

DPM got all up in people's grills in Tulsa!


We played in a Day of the Dead parade in Tucson and Jay went all out with his makeup! JAY OF THE DEAD!


DPM joined us onstage to shred Yakima, WA!


We got down and durrrty at a house party in San Diego!


Guitar master SATORU!


Spiritual brothers in Los Angeles after our show with Iowa hero Coolzey!


Adrien of Trouble Lights visited us in Portland! What a cutie!


Hikaru = Magic! Amazing photo by Jorge Rodriguez!


It's always Christmas at The Pink House in San Francisco! One of the best shows of the tour!


Brothers that scream together dream together!


Bottom line: this tour has been a total rage! We’ve represented Iowa (and Tokyo!) so so hard and it is truly the joy of our lives to spread the sweat of a thousand centuries!





We had the BEST time during our four day slayathon in the magical rock and roll paradise of ARKANSAS! GodDAMN we know the prime people in this state, it rules! It’s also the MOST beautiful time of year to tour Arkansas beacause the Autumn Ozarks are in their fullest glory! Life rules!

For our first night in the state we returned to our beloved town of Russellville! We love this town, it reminds us so much of Ames and we know such prime homies here thanks to our good friends Half Raptor and Pecan Sandy and Adam Faucett and William Blackart! We got to play at the amazing all ages space Thurberdome and it was a life-changingly sweaty rage-fest! For the grand finale I managed to crowd-surf my way up into the rafters of the venue and finish the set playing the trumpet while hanging upside down from the ceiling! Then I fell down and didn’t even get hurt, although I did dent my trumpet a little…but, fuck it! Also, The Depaysement absolutely MURDERED at this show and it was the first time EVER that a Japanese band played in this town! HISTORY WAS MADE!!! Thank you Russellville, you are rock and roll!!

Just ragin in some TROUBLE LIGHTS and MAMF t-shirts!!


Then we returned to another great rock town: LITTLE ROCK! We literally played in an abondoned house that nobody lives in. The dudes who set it up had to run power from next door! Our legendary outlaw promoter friend Casey Jones set it all up and, like always, IT WAS A FUCKING PARTY! It was the second-smallest room we have ever played in and, not gonna lie, we shredded it to pieces! Our amazing new friend Seth came to the show too and partied with us for the second night in a row and also brought his friend Matt who played some trumpet with us! Seth also got a video of us singing our Halloween song “Season’s Greetins”! We love you Seth! We love you Matt! We love you, Little Rock!

DPM pulls out a costume change in Fayetteville!


And then it was off to make play our first ever show in Fayetteville, which is a BEAUTIFUL town! We loved it! The venue was a super nice spot called Smoke & Barrell and they treated us so well and the people who came out to the show were such great folks and they totally danced and got down and we met a new friend named Kayla who puts on art shows around the community! Everyone was so great, we will definitely be returning to Fayetteville!

We got to play with m'fucking JEFFREY LEWIS on Halloween!


And then it was off to our favorite rock club in this whole nation: MAXINE’S in gorgeous Hot Springs! This was truly a legendary show, one of the best nights in our whole career…and it was Halloween!! We got to play with the truly brilliant songwriting hero JEFFREY LEWIS & THE JUNKYARD as well as the genuinely mind-blowing local psych-punk band WHITE GLOVE TEST. This show was fucking brilliant: big crowd, amazing costumes, total dance party, old and new friends, delicious free pizza…I mean, it was perfect! Plus we played a great set and so did The Depaysement. We even pulled out a rare a’cappella version of our song “The Way That I Live” which seemed suitable for Halloween!

Maxine's pulled out the decorations for Halloween!


Arkansas, we love you more than we can ever say. We will continue playing in your great state for as long as we live. IOWASAW will never fade.




Molly McDonald and Megan Blair sent us off on the second leg of our tour with a big bucket of snacks!


The second leg of our national tour with The Depaysement has been of to an incredible start with one massive dance party after another! We are meeting so many new people, playing with such awesome bands and making new friends every single day…we fucking love it!

Satoru of The Depaysement shreds! He's also the tour guitarist in Mumford's!


It started in the amazing rock and roll town of Creston where our friend Tommy of The River Monks set us up with a brilliant house party and even made us a nutritious dinner!! It was such a rage, and it was The Depaysement’s first house show EVER! The River Monks, Lesbian Poetry and Paul Hertz played too and it was fantastic. This was our first time playing in Creston and we left knowing one thing for sure: CRESTON HAS AN AMAZING MUSIC SCENE! Much respect to the music students at Southwestern Community College for rocking their town!

Then we went to Fairfield and played at our old stomping grounds The Beauty Shop with Little Ruckus and Meth Dad! It fucking ruled! Fairfield came out to dance and we got to see so many good friends and we made chili and then the next day our homegirl Marandah made us breakfast! WHAT?

Ladysoal and Phoenix L'Amour joined Mumford's for two nights in Iowa!


We also met up with our good friends Ladysoal and Phoenix L’Amour and they joined us onstage as special guests in Fairfield and Iowa City, adding SO much fierceness and talent to our set! Thanks ladies!!

We played in a chapel in Iowa City!


Then it was on to the glorious town of Iowa City where we literally played in a chapel on the UI campus! Which is pretty perfect for us because, I mean, obviously! It was set up by our good friends at KRUI, the baller college radio station in town! What a great show, the chapel got rocked to the core and Little Ruckus played in Mumford’s dual-frontmen style and murdered! It was pretty amazing to see Phoenix L’Amour do her burlesque routine in an actual church! Then Paul generously offered to pay for everyone to go see The Mountain Goats at Blue Moose Tap House and it was an amazing show and we saw our good friends Dale and Molly there!!

Awwww! We love the KRUI crew!


Next up we played a sick punk show at Lemmon’s with some awesome bands and we were super lucky jump on the bill! Our good new friend Moe made us feel right at home and his band dedicated a song to us! We were hooked up with the show by our friend Rob of the amazing one-man-band Googelplexia and he even generously let us crash with him and it turned out that his roommate is a HUGE Frankenixon fan so we totally geeked out on some classic Ames music history with him. YES!

Our good new friend Moe from St Louis!


Now we are rocking four straight days in Arkansas and killing it hard, we will update with info on the Arkansas dates in just a few days!!!! IOWA EVERYWHERE


As always, we had such a blast playing in the great little rock & roll village of Clarion on Saturday! The people of Clarion truly came to rage! And we had friends from Ames, Story City and Jewell come out to the show too! The Depaysement and Doctor Murdock truly killed it, such a wild night. Doctor Murdock and Mumford’s combined forces for our sets to create the evil hybrid of destruction known as DOCTOR MUMFORD’S! It was so massive and raucous, we will definitely be doing it again soon…actually we’ll be announcing a big show together very very soon…

On Wednesday we head back out on the second leg of our national tour with The Depaysement and we’ll be out for another month! We’re kicking off the second leg with three baller shows in Southern Iowa this week!

On Wednesday we’ll be playing our first ever show in Creston and we can’t wait! Our good friend Tommy of the glorious Des Moines folk heroes The River Monks set up the show at his house! The River Monks and Lesbian Poetry will be playing sets as well!

Magical Fairfield show on Thursday!


Then on Thursday we return to our second home of Fairfield for a night of only madness alongside Little Ruckus and Meth Dad! PREPARE TO SWEAT!

Can't wait to return to Iowa City!


And on Friday we are honoured to be playing KRUI’s Low Frequency Concert Series in Iowa City at Dunham Chapel, right next to the IMU building on campus! It’s gonna be such a party and it’s an early show, 7-9 pm! Little Ruckus will be playing too so this is guaranteed glory!

Iowa, we love you more and more by the day.