We’ve been on such a roll lately and it feels so good and we are now preparing for even greater heights of Iowa Glory!


We played at The Englert for Mission Creek Festival and it was so fucking heady and amazing and the band we opened for, Mucca Pazza, blew our minds to shreds!

We played The Englert and Phoenix L'Amour & Leo LaFlash joined us onstage!

We played The Englert and Phoenix L’Amour
& Leo LaFlash joined us onstage!

And then the very next night we played with another incredible marching band called MarchFourth Marching Band and they put on one of the greatest performances we’ve ever witnessed!

DO THE CHAIN! We had a blast opening for MarchFourth Marching Band!

DO THE CHAIN! We had a blast opening for MarchFourth Marching Band!

And then it was announced that we will be returning to 80/35 this year!!!! We are playing at 7 pm on the FREE Hy-Vee Stage on July 6! That’s the same stage and day that 0ur friends The River Monks, Tires and Trouble Lights will be playing! YES! Also, the festival is being headlined by DAVID BYRNE & ST. VINCENT and WU-TANG CLAN!  That is not a joke, that’s Iowa Reality!

Are you serious?? Check out this lineup!!

Are you serious?? Check out this lineup!!

And as if that isn’t enough, we’ll also be playing a FREE and ALL AGES street party in Ames on June 8 called SUMMERFEST IN CAMPUSTOWN!  Our friends Ladysoal, The Porch Stompers, ACTORS and many more will be performing and it’s gonna be so fun!

We'll be making our Summerfest debut on June 8!

We’ll be making our Summerfest debut on June 8!

AND!: Our Maximum Ames Records labelmate H.D. Harmsen is releasing his unbelievable new record “Papoose” on April 27 in Des Moines. You MUST own this record, it is truly a work of genius! We recorded a 7″ split with H.D. and you should totally pick that up when you buy his new record!

"Papoose" is the new release on Maximum Ames Recoreds!

“Papoose” is the new release on Maximum Ames Recoreds!


The cover of our split 7" with H.D. Harmsen! Our side is our song "Cleft Lip"!

The cover of our split 7″ with H.D. Harmsen! Our side is our song “Cleft Lip”!

We are so honoured and amped to announce the upcoming release of our split 7″ with our Maximum Ames Records label-mate H.D. Harmsen! Starting March 19 you can get the split for FREE if you pre-order the amazing new album from H.D. Harmsen! The album is called “Papoose” and it’s a work of fucking GENIUS, we love it so much!! Both sides of the split were recorded by Phillip Young of Liberty House Studios, he’s an amazing producer and person!

ALSO: We’ve got some mind-blowing shows coming up!

March 16 – St Paddy’s Day Party at the Gas Lamp! We’re playing with Trouble Lights, CtC, Gloom Balloon and a BUNCH more killer bands!!

March 27 – House party at the brand new party garage known as The Garagenous Zone, it’s is west Ames kinda by Thumbs! Our heroes Little Ruckus and the Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt are playing too, plus local funk champs T-Flex!

April 6 – We return to Mission Creek Festival in Iowa City, this time we’re playing at the historic Englert Theatre! We’re playing with Brooks Strause & the Gory Details and Mucca Pazza! WHAT????

April 7 – This will be my birthday party! I’m turning 29! Come party with me as we open for MarchFourth Marching Band!!


Our new album “Immediate Family” will be coming out later this year too, more information on that in the coming months. And we’re also gonna do a bunch of amazing shows this summer, but it’s too soon to talk about that just yet! LOVE!!!!


Ames Winter Classic was true Ames magic!

Ames Winter Classic was true Ames magic!


Ames, we cannot thank you enough for the unstoppable night of glory that was AMES WINTER CLASSIC! This was the second year of the event and both years have been absolutely phenomenal and have sold-out The M Shop! The feeling of love, power and buzzing energy in the room from the very moment that the doors opened was overwhelming, we are so honoured to have been a part of it!

Rebel Creek started off the night with an incredible display of bravado and shredding and they blew so many minds! Such hotties!!!

Then Peace, Love & Stuff slammed their set with such rock and roll ferocity and tightness, they are idols! Their cover of “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” slayed every single person there!

Then Surgery showed Ames what sex really means! The beats, the guitar-riffs, the attitude, the tongues! So many new fans for these dudes after this show.

Patch and Jens were our secret weapons at Ames Winter Classic!

Patch and Jens were our secret weapons at Ames Winter Classic!


And then when we took the stage we were shaken to the core by the love and energy we were receiving from the packed house, we are SO thrilled by this feeling, it really eggs us on to be our best and bring maximum heat! It was awesome to be joined onstage by the legendary Little Ruckus and by our new horn players Patrick “Patch” Jasper and Jens “Jens” Hoifeldt! Our new songs were so fun to play! People can from all over the state! The M Shop was fucking BUMPIN and the whole room was overwhelmed with joy. All we can say is AMES WINTER CLASSIC FOREVER!!! See you at the M Shop next January! (Thanks to Lucas Moser for these awesome pics!!)


A tradition like no other: AMES WINTER CLASSIC! This is our annual FREE and ALL AGES throwdown at Ames’ most legendary music venue, THE M SHOP! Last year was absolutely nuts and this year is gonna be even more raging!

We’re super excited because we’ve got a bunch of new songs, amazing special guests and two killer new horn players to blast you in the heart with!

Plus, we are playing with an incredible lineup that we hand-picked for glory, check this out:

SURGERY – Fairfield’s towering electro trio bringing hard, heavy beats for maximum booty-clapping! Sythns, guitars and moody vocals combine to create the darkwave sound that you need; this is your new favorite band.

Surgery gonna seduce you!


PEACE, LOVE & STUFF – Heroes of Ames rockabilly, this band absolutely slams their classic rock and roll sound and look and they might even throw in a slow-dance or two! They are heroes.

Peace, Love & Stuff gonna rock you!


REBEL CREEK – These guys rage an impossibly tight blues-rock set full of guitar-shredding, epic arrangements and overall psych-rock massiveness! LOVE!

Rebel Creek gonna amaze you!


We are so honoured and excited to be playing on such a legendary stage with such legendary bands, let’s just have the best time of our lives and get sweaty and hug eachother and tear up the dance floor and make a million memories for a lifetime! FREE! ALL AGES! GET THERE EARLY! SEE YOU THERE!!! Doors at 7:30, music promptly at 8!


This was SUCH an incredible year for Mumford’s that truly there are no words for it at all other than THANK YOU! Check out these incredible images of glory from our 2012! Chronological order, y’all!

Ames Winter Classic ruled! The M Shop was sold out!


CHRIS THE LYNG! Ames Winter Classic rage


SAX MAGIC at the Winter Classic!

The Space's music marathon was total human power!

Some of our Ames friends came down to rage with us at SXSW in Austin, Texas!


SXSW is also where we met our Japanese brothers The Depaysement!

While we were on our Spring tour we stopped in Denton, Texas and recorded a Violitionist Session! It turned out so good!

Our set at Mission Creek Festival was extreme!

A little choreography at Mission Creek! This show was sooooooo fun, our best Iowa City show ever!

Aquapalooza at Ames High School was amazing! Great concert, GREAT cause!

We recorded our third full-length album this year! It's gonna be released in 2013 as part of a package deal with H.D. Harmsen's new record! Why is this upside down!?

We opened for Rock and Roll Hall of Famer JIMMY CLIFF at Simon Estes Amphitheatre in Des Moines! Once in a lifetime experience!

Our first year playing 80/35 and it was AMAZING!!!

We performed a marriage ceremony and wedded Ames and Des Moines!

Joining hands in holy matrimony!

Little Ruckus joined us onstage!

Slaydrien brought the ferocity!

Wildman. Shredzilla. Glory.


We covered a song by the Poison Control Center and members of the PCC joined us onstage!

Made our debut at the great Des Moines club Wooly's for a Maximum Ames Records showcase!


Members of Mumford's played in the Maximum Ames All Stars at the Iowa State Fair!


We recorded a split 7" record with H.D. Harmsen! Coming out on Maximum Ames Records in 2013!

We closed down Maximum Ames Music Festival in an ocean of sweat!


Salydrien joined us at MAMF!

We got a new van just in time for our six week national tour with our Japanese brothers The Depaysement! Ames + Tokyo = LOVE!


We played a show in a church in Iowa City with The Depaysement and Little Ruckus!


We played a giant Day of the Dead parade in Tucson, AR!

THAT'S MY BOY. After our awesome show in LA with Coolzey!

The Depaysement joined us onstage at this great show in Yakima, WA!

This painting of Richard Pryor was given to us in Cleveland and became our tour mascot!


We played our return from tour show at The Space for Ames!


2012 was an absolutely amazing year for Mumford’s and we could not have done it without all our family and friends and our Iowa community. We LOVE to be a part of this state and we are so stoked for a sweaty and never-forgetty 2013! New album on the way, tons of new songs, big tours and festivals and infinite sweaty surprises! WE LOVE YOU!